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Доставка по России осуществляется ТК СДЭК, минимальный заказ 2000руб, от 4000 доставка будет бесплатная
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December 31, 2015
A new version of our iOS app
We just released a new version of our iOS app, which is fully optimized for iOS 9. The new MoneyKeeper App adapts to all screen sizes and orientation. The new version also brings you a feature that gives you a point of where we are going with MoneyKeeper App. You will arrange your trip with MoneyKeeper.
MoneyKeeper for the web v.2.6 is out
This was a big release with some cool new features and changes in our system to help us serve you better. Read on for a few of the highlights. Get a snapshot of your budget automatically in your email. This new email report will highlight the envelopes you've overspent on, as well as the ones you've underspent on so you can make any necessary adjustments to your budget. This feature will help you.
Share your story and win a free Premium version of MoneyKeeper
MoneyKeeper has been helping people organize their personal finance for several years and it's still evolving into a more comprehensive and helpful tool. Your stories about how you use the app or suggestions what can be improved are very helpful to us on this path.

Post on our MoneyKeeper Facebook wall what features you like most about the app, how the app changed your personal finance life or what new features you'd like to see in the future, and win a Premium version.
Hiring: Remote Front-end Developer
So we got all this cool stuff we want to do at MoneyKeeper App. But then there's only so many hands in the team to make those things a reality. So… we're looking for a really great Angular JS front-end developer to join our small team on a full-time basis. Interested? Please email with the subject Angular JS. Make sure you include links to past work.